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Scythia by Deadpoolrus Scythia by Deadpoolrus
Scythia, the Coils of the Bog

Height: 60 meters
Length: 185 meters (From tip of longest tentacles)
Mass: 90,000 metric tons

Homeworld: Orith

Quadrant Activity: Sugos Galaxy

Threat Level: Planetary

Containment Procedure/Method: Due to creature’s elastic body and hardened shell. It is deemed suitable that piercing armaments should be used to apprehend/ exterminate the creature known as Scythia.

Note: Due to similar physiology to her sister spawn Larnaean, flammable artillery should also be heavily recommended when pursuing Scythia

From the Tablet of Orithan verses 103- 105: THE HUNGER OF THE BEAST

The beast was given the name Scythia, the tendril coils of the bog. The beast would slay all those who ventured into its territory with unrestrained hunger and devour them whole never to seen again. The most patient of creatures, Scythia awaits’ the day when it can venture into the sea, to consume all those who venture their.

- Powerful clawed tentacles
- Body is highly elastic, able to stretch and contort to suit its needs
- Can withdraw into shell for protection

Main Storyline: The Trials of Cretaphus prt. 9

As Clarecles washed his face and cleaned his sword, Teumessian once again reappeared out of the fog covered forest, snarling with contempt and blood thirsty ambition. This time however Clarecles was ready for him and when the creature finally decided to pounce, Clarecles unveiled a spear and immediately rammed it into Teumessian’s mouth, the momentum eviscerating several of Teumessian’s arteries on impact and his lifeless body vaulted into the lake.

Clarecles picked himself out of the mud and after seeing that Teumessian was indeed dead began to make his way out of the bog. But just as Clarecles’ began to gather his things, Teumessian’s corpse suddenly began to stir……. but it was not the only thing.

The bog was swarming with activity and every which way there was movement, none of which Clarecles could clearly discern. The ground shook, trees swayed every which way, moans, wails, and growls echoing in all direction and the lake broiled with movement. Clarecles knew the area wasn’t safe but not in all his years would he suspect that the entire forest would come to life to attack him. He needed to get out but without knowing what was within the bog with him; he dare not attempt to move. But suddenly, everything….. went silent. The entire area returned to normal and the environment seemed to finally quiet down. Clarecles nervously observed his surroundings and when he finally decided that it was safe, cautiously attempted to make his way out of the forest. But once again Teumessian garnered his attention.

Teumessian’s corpse was on the move!

Moving with astonishing speed, Teumessian’s body exploded out of the lake and landed right behind Clarecles, blocking his exit from the lake bed. Clarecles knew now more than ever, he needed to leave and he needed to do so now. His tussle with Teumessian had awoken something within the area and he was at a disadvantage if he were to stay in the open. Unfortunately time was short and just as he began to climb over Teummessian’s corpse to leave; something erupted out of the water with enough force to shake the entire area.

The creature’s immense stature stood clear above the fog and trees and its tendrils swarmed in and out of the water. The creature bellowed from being disturbed from its lake bed and silently it began to peer down at Clarecles who was awestruck by the creature’s presence. Unfortunately Clarecle’s had yet to notice that one of the creature’s tendrils had already begun to move towards him and before he could react, it grabbed him and Teumessian and lifted them both into the air. Fortunately Clarecles was not the creatures target as it merely desired the corpse of Teumessian and had only grasped Clarecles by mistake. This however was the only saving grace Clarecles could claim and still being trapped between the creatures tendrilled maw, Clarecles needed to get free before he was devoured along with Teumessian.

Seizing his sword, Clarecles began to stab furiously at the creature’s body. His attacks however proved ineffective against the creature’s elastic body and slowly Clarecles was moving closer towards the beast’s jaws. But just as he was about to be devoured, Clarecles jabbed his sword in between the creature’s toothed tendril causing insurmountable pain to the beast.

Releasing both Clarecles and Teumessian’s body, the giant lake creature thrashed within the water, angrily bellowing its pain before grudgingly escaping deeper into the lake. Clarecles managed to make it to shore. Unfortunately the pain from the fall as well as nearly being crushed to death by the creature’s appendage had caused him considerable damage. A few of his ribs were broken and worse his right arm was dislocated. But that wasn’t the worse news. The creature was already well enough to surmount a counter assault and one of its tendrils quickly rose out of the lake to reclaim its meal. But miraculously, the creature stopped in its tracks and immediately began to cower in fear. Sinking back into the lake from which it came, Clarecles was dumbfounded by the turn of events. It wasn’t until he realized that someone was behind him that he knew why the creature had not taken him.

It was his wife Geanin. She had taken the Jewel of Orithan from Clarecles’ bag while he was preoccupied and used it to drive the creature back into the lake. Clarecles was perplexed yet overjoyed to see his wife in his time of need and slowly made his way towards her. Geanin however did not return the sentiment and only revealed an expression of deep remorse and when Clarecles finally made it to his wife, the only thing she could say was that she was sorry.

But before Clarecles could discern the meaning to her apology, it quickly answered itself. The Marked Ones immediately rushed out of the surrounding area to claim Clarecles and when he attempted to shield Geanin, she quickly shoved him to the ground and restrained him. Clarecles demanded to know her reasoning for this but it was all too obvious. Geanin, Clarecles’ devoted wife and mother of his child, was a Marked One.
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