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Typhoeus by Deadpoolrus Typhoeus by Deadpoolrus
Typhoeus, the Unquelled Storm

Height: 220 meters
Wingspan: 590 meters
Length: 625 meters (from head to tail)
Mass: 75,000 metric tons

Homeworld: Orith

Quadrant Activity: Sugos Galaxy

Threat Level: Universal

Containment Procedure/Method: Reliable containment methods of entities of Typhoeus level of power remain elusive; even permanently induced coma would be ineffective in indefinitely restricting such a creature’s capacity to influence the environment around it. Current studies are being explored in the possibility of deliberate creation of non-linear dimensional prison, within which Typhoeus would have no discernable space to manipulate.

From the Tablet of Orithan verses 1 - 6: THE BIRTH OF THE BEAST:

“Born from the raging inferno of the womb of ORTIHAN, THE BEAST Typhoeus was the living embodiment of rage and aggression that lashed out at the planet which had birthed it.

Setting Orith ablaze of his own spite, THE BEAST caused destruction and carnage wherever he went. Surely Typhoeus would have continued his vendetta until every the very heavens turned into dust; fortunately the SOLAR GUARDIAN of Orithan intervened. Facing the BEAST and its fury, the Solar Protector engaged the beast head on for the very will of Orith itself. The Solar Guardian casts the Beast down with its power and entombed it within the mountain side where the beast has laid ever since”

- Incalculably powerful
- Impervious to mental, energy and physical assaults
- Can control the fundamental elements of the planet
- Powerful wings capable of producing maelstrom force winds
- Capable of controlling the weather and geology of planets
- Massive telekinetic abilities capable of lifting his own monstrous frame with ease

Main Storyline: The Trials of Cretaphus prt. 12

Narrowly avoiding the perils of the battle between Echidna and Cretaphus; Clarecles, his wife Geanin, and mentor Bellphon ventured deeper into Mt. Pya with the hopes of escaping the area and returning home. Both Clarecles and Bellphon felt some eerie form of déjà vu while within the massive tunnels of Echidna’s lair having not just a few days ago being in a similar situation before being attacked by Lycian. There was one difference however, the overwhelming heat which emanated all around them as they traversed deeper into the mountain. It was unbearable but sadly there was no other direction but forward less they desired to risk getting passed the Marked Ones, let alone Cretaphus and Echidna. But as they began to make deeper into the mountain, the trio discovered the cause of the extreme temperature……… and far more.

The mountain was a still very active volcano.

Pools and streams of lava expelled through massive openings within a humongous crater inside the mountain. But within the center of the cavern, surrounded and bathed by the lava, lay horror which brought everyone to a standstill. The Beast itself, TYPHOEUS the father of all Monsters.

The very knowledge that Typhoeus was an actual being was a shock. Everyone knew the stories and folklore of the Beast but no one had ever seen it with their own eyes and some even considered it a myth. Even the Marked Ones had their doubts about the existence of Typhoeus as Echidna never allowed a soul into her cave, not even her own children. It was a strain for Clarecles and his group to acknowledge that Typhoeus was a living creature and was right in front of them. Typhoeus however remained idle within his home even though three intruders had just entered his domain. It was as though he was in a trance, motionless despite his eyes being lazily open and his chest inhaling and exhaling indicating his was indeed very much alive. Bellphon however knew that there was nothing they could do about the state of affairs and pressed that they attempt to go back to the entrance as there was clearly no other way exit from the cave. Geanin on the other hand had discovered something interesting at the entry point of the cavern and implored the others to take a look at it for themselves.

There at the entry of the cavern was a corpse and on the rocks in front of it was an inscription chiseled into it which detailed the secret the Beast

The inscription told of the man named Thaseo who was one of the earliest Marked Ones. He had ventured into the cave while Echidna had been away to discover the secrets of the great serpents for himself. While traversing the cave Thaseo came upon the Beast while it slumbered at it was here where Beast made contact with him. The Beast though contemptuous of Thaseo for entering his tomb none the less gave the young adventurer exactly what he desired and filled his head with all the information about the creature’s true intentions.

Typhoeus was creature from times past, created by forces which not even he knew of. Regardless, since his existence Typhoeus had done nothing but destroy everything in his wake on that planet Ortih and nearly succeeded wiping out all life on the planet until the day a horned creature arrived and defeated him, entombing him inside the mountain.

Typhoeus body had been severely damaged after his defeat and despite all his attempts, he could not free himself. But after centuries of imprisonment, one day Echidna came to the planet and it was then that Typhoeus discovered the opportunity he was seeking to free himself.

Typhoeus called out to Echidna whom after discovering his tomb, had become infatuated by Typhoeus and two began to copulate with one another despite Typhoeus body being inoperative. Typhoeus however had no true sentiments for Echidna, nor a desire to mate with her. He did however desire his freedom yet could not gain it with his body in the condition it was. Typhoeus had merely manipulated Echidna onto mating with him. Instead of merely conceiving children for him, Typhoeus exuded his power into his spawn and knew that when they perished he could reabsorb their life force to rejuvenate his own, a fact Echidna remained blissfully unaware of.

It was a dark plan indeed and even Thaseo was disgusted with the plot. Thaseo desired to stop Typhoeus, unfortunately after conversing with the beast; he was eventually driven insane and could do little to halt Typhoeus. But before madness consumed him, Thaseo had forged an amulet out of some of the beast’s body and imbued it with the spirit of Orithan so that if ever Typhoeus was freed, their was a way to stop him.

But as Geanin continued to read the inscription, they suddenly began to experience massive earthquakes originating from outside the cave.

It was Cretaphus, bashing at the mountain with all he could muster and Clarecles knew full well that he was coming for Typhoeus. Bellphon however angrily insinuated that Cretaphus had doomed them all.

After hearing Typhoeus plan, Bellphon realized that Cretaphus had been playing right into the beast’s hands. Cretaphus had murdered many of Typhoeus children, something the Beast certainly desired and with even Echidna now possibly dead, there was no doubt that Typhoeus would awaken soon.

Clarecles however protested that Cretaphus was only attempting to save them from Typhoeus and that now that they knew what the Jewel of Orithan was for, they could simply destroy the beast now before he could fully be awakened.

Unfortunately Clarecles had no idea how the Jewel was supposed to work which both Bellphon and even Geanin chastised him for. Even worse, with all the activity Cretaphus was creating outside, Typhoeus was beginning to stir from his coma, his body becoming more and more restless. Both Geanin and Bellphon knew they needed to leave especially with everything spiraling out of control but Clarecles was still slightly hesitant to follow yet did so none the less.

Cretaphus was eager to confront his foe, clobbering and ramming the mountain with more and more tenacity. There was something far deeper than mere animosity between the two, this was vendetta. For no one knew that it was Cretaphus whom had defeated Typhoeus long ago and though at the time he was not powerful enough to vanquish his foe, he at least imprisoned him within the mountain so he could no longer devastate the world he was born on. Unfortunately when Echidna arrived on the planet and began to give birth to the horrid creatures spawn, Cretaphus rushed back to the planet to finish what he started so long ago. Both creatures hated each other like no other. Cretaphus, the champion of evolution who could not destroy a beast created merely to dissolve progression. And Typhoeus, a monster conceived merely to test the limit of evolution and to destroy every other known factor of it. There was more to the two than their simple hatred of the other, something locked within the past that would soon begin to devastate the future and with one final blow, Cretaphus pierced the mountain to the tomb of Typhoeus and the Beast sprang forth to attack.

Clarecles and his group narrowly managed to escape the cave before seeing the horrendous sight of Cretaphus interlocked in battle with Typhoeus.

With Typhoeus free, Bellphon knew they had to escape and warn everyone that the Beast had been set loose on Orith. Clarecles however insinuated that Cretaphus was the only one would destroy Typhoeus once and for all and that Bellphon was wrong about the creature, Cretaphus was never falling into Typhoeus plans he was merely killing him in the best way possible. Without any of his children left, Typhoeus could not be reborn by any means and Cretaphus knew that better than anyone. Clarecles resolved to help Cretaphus by any means he could and rushed off towards the two battling titans to find a way. When Bellphon looked to Geanin for assistance in stopping Clarecles diluted state, Geanin could muster that she would support her husband’s decision as she had no right to stop him. With that in mind the two decided to leave and entrust the future of the planet to Clarecles and Cretaphus.

Typhoeus and Cretaphus crashed into one another left and right as the twos long time struggle for dominance had finally boiled over to this moment. Cretaphus had faced every a majority of Typhoeus brewed and had vanquished even Echidna but none even came close to Typhoeus in might. The Beast truly lived up to its name, slashing and tearing at Cretaphus with more tenacity and rage than even Cretaphus himself. What was worse, the much larger Typhoeus had much more control over the environment than he had previously before. Using the very force of nature itself at his disposal, Typhoeus began to instinctively summon storms and hurricanes to assault his foe. Even the very ground was at Typhoeus’ command as lava and rock slowly began to seep out of the ground to consume Cretaphus. Cretaphus on the other hand ignored it all and merely stood valiantly against the elements to destroy his enemy. The battlegrounds could easily be compared to hell itself and in the middle were the two behemoths, ignorant of all except the other.

Clarecles too was caught in the hell strum. But unlike the behemoths, he could hardly stand the forces of the elements which surrounded him. Storms quickly turned to hail and hail, mixed with the lava and explosion of grounds, to deadly ash which created near impenetrable visibility. Still, Clarecles resolve was absolute and he refused to falter as he made his way towards the battle, the Jewel of Orithan being his only guide as it inexplicably began to glow the more Typhoeus summoned his power.

Since arriving on the planet and saving him from Neamaeus, Clarecles had followed Cretaphus all around the land of Orith and had been challenged by the tribulations of doing so. Yet Clarecles had never truly understood why he had done so. Following Cretaphus had been foolish and challenging the children of the beast was even more so. But Clarecles never felt any resentment for doing so. He had endangered family, friends, loved ones all for one in reason that not even fully acknowledged. Deep in his heart he somehow realized that Cretaphus had come to save his world from the monsters and demons that had plagued it for so long and he wished to help by any means possible. But as he traversed the broiling and cloudy landscape, he finally managed to catch up to the two giants. However, as Clarecles began to make his way deeper into the cloud of ash which they fought, an explosion from within it rocked the area and one of the creatures fell defeated in front of him. To Clarecles’ horror it was Cretaphus who had fallen, and Typhoeus, emerging from the background was poised to deliver the killing blow.

Clarecles rushed to Cretaphus aid as Typhoeus began to surround the two with his massive frame. Clarecles urged Cretaphus to continue to fight and that he was the only one who could stop Typhoeus now that he had awakened. Cretaphus looked at the miniscule Clarecles and wearily began to rise from the dirt. However as soon as Cretaphus began to lift his head, Typhoeus slammed him to the ground with his hand and bellowed at his foe indicating that there was no chance of winning against him.

Clarecles however yelled back at Typhoeus and screamed that no matter what happened to him; as long as the beast died he would be satisfied and immediately raised the Jewel of Orithan into the air, signifying his defiance.

Typhoeus largely ignored Clarecles words yet when the young man lifted the Jewel, its glow aroused Typhoeus attention. Typhoeus glared at the tiny creature that would dare defy his power despite his champions defeat and slowly knelt down to get a better look at it. Face to face the two stared at each other with enough intensity to split a mountain until Typhoeus finally roared in anger at his much smaller challenger.

Clarecles stood firm against the Beast and only exclaimed that he could never be afraid of such a weak minded being before being swallowed whole by the creature. But as Typhoeus once again roared at his victory against his second enemy, he suddenly realized that the Cretaphus shell had opened and was irradiated with power.

Witnessing Clarecles’ heroic sacrifice, Cretaphus once again found the will to continue the fight and immediately blasted Typhoeus clear across the battlefield with all he could muster. Typhoeus however was far from defeated and quickly righted himself to attack Cretaphus once again. Unfortunately as Typhoeus began his attack, something began to upset the great beast’s body as he slowly began to cringe and double back in pain. This was the opportunity Cretaphus needed as he once again began to irradiate with power in a final attempt to obliterate his foe. Typhoeus, ignoring the pain, managed to meet Cretaphus head on and the entire area was blanketed with the two opposing forces power.

Several miles away, Geanin and Bellphon noticed the explosion before being hit by its aftershocks. Geanin attempted to return to the area but was immediately halted by Bellphon who dreadfully explained that no one could have survived the explosion and with heavy hearts, the two quietly continued their journey back home.

Several months later, Orith had managed to heal from the events that had devastated it. Yet something was very different. Without the children of the Beast or the beast itself, the ecosystem was already beginning to let itself go in a manner that could only be described as freedom. The Beast’s power had subjugated everything on Orith but now that he was gone, a more natural order was resetting itself. Even the inhabitants of Orith had begun to express much more liberty now that the Beast’s children and the Marked Ones were no longer preying on them on a daily basis and were beginning to colonize areas that would have been considered unlivable just a year before.

In the village where Clarecles had once lived, it too was beginning to experience a revolution like never before. The village had been rebuilt and people’s lives reconstituted now that there was little to fear from the Beast. All of this was of course thanks to Clarecles and Cretaphus who together had given their lives to secure the future of Orith.

Two statues had been constructed of both. One of the mysterious creature (whose true name no one actually knew) who had come from beyond the heavens to challenge the Beast and sacrificed himself twice to destroy its plague. And of course the other was of Clarecles, the warrior whose indomitable spirit never faltered and showed everyone that despite the dangers, you must always fight to protect those you love.

Geanin visited both statues on a regular basis and every time gave both tributes in honor (and love) of them. She was heartbroken that Clarecles was no longer with her but could not help being more proud of him than anyone else could. He had freed her from the duty of being a Marked One and even more saved the entire world along with Cretaphus. Still she missed him greatly and the only solace was their young child whom she appreciated more so now than ever. But one day as she made her way to the statues to leave it gifts as she had done since its creation, a mysterious cloaked figure stood in front of them and when the figure turned to face her, Geanin was filled with more joy at seeing his face than she had ever known before.


The final chapter in the Trials of Cretaphus arc. I figured that since this [link] has been sitting in my gallery for so long it was time for a new rendition of the character. Finally finished with this saga, time to move on
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Thatzcoolbro Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
This is the father of all those things that went bump in the night in your childhood. Be it the ghastly visage in your closet, or the beast under your bed, remember......they've got a daddy to call out to as well.
DarkDraco13 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Fucking lagit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OperaGhost21 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist
First off: YES. A million times yes. Typhon is hands down the biggest and baddest monster from mythology, and you've done it more justice than I've ever seen. This is how it should be done. Bravo.

Also, does this mean we won't see anymore of Cretaphus? I can't wait to find out!
draegornatose Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
Typhoeus is by far one of my most favorite of your Kaiju creations
Gfan1 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
1 word, awesome!
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
An amibiguous end to an epic story. Now I'm wondering if Cretaphus survived that battle or if he gradually recovered and moved on. Typhoeus is just utterly massive and overwhelming, as he should be. I had to download the image so I could see all of him. I think Godzilla himself would pale in terror at facing this thing. Glad to see Orinth went back to a stable ecosystem.
Deadpoolrus Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Cretaphus survived and is officially finished with his business on Orith. Whether I'm done with the planet though youll have to wait and see.
BehemothMaker Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Pretty epic.
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
..and Typhon just got more badass.
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