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December 30, 2009
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When Kaiju Worlds Collide 4 by Deadpoolrus When Kaiju Worlds Collide 4 by Deadpoolrus

Sara had never been where the action was yet she had always dreamed to be. However being a field reporter within Los Angeles takes credentials and she only had a handful of experience while being an intern when it came to business. Still she was slowly but surely making her way up the ladder and was well on her way to becoming the very thing she strove for since she was a child.

Today was more hectic than most. News reports of unnatural occurrences were swarming across the city and many other news casters were already out in the fields reporting and interviewing the events. Sara had been left to her own devices as everyone was scrambling around the office trying to find one person after another to catalog the ever growing events of the day. Without warning, massive quakes shook the entire buildings and the lights began to flicker wildly as everyone tried to steady themselves while the quakes occurred. When the earthquakes finally ceased there was a disturbing silence within the room as many of her fellow employees were still trying to figure out what had just happened. Suddenly Peter, Sara’s boss and owner of the news company, burst from his office in a hurry and immediately began to shout for a reporter. He had forgotten though that every reporter in his employ was already out in the field yet he was desperately in need of someone to go in one the news helicopters and report the events outside from the air. Everyone was hesitant to go, everyone except Sara who nearly jumped at the opportunity to prove herself. Peter was hesitant to send her though but he was desperate to get a reporter in the air to report the news and could tell Sara that this was going to be her “trial by fire.”

While in the chopper, Sara soon found what Peter meant as a literal statement as the city was nearly and inferno of destruction and devastation. Building had been toppled, homes crushed and people were franticly attempting to make it out of the city either by car or when the streets became too crowded grabbed their belonging and began to run for their lives. Sara, regardless of the fact that she was intimidated by such an overbearing event, instructed the cameraman to begin shooting as she began to report the events unfolding. But before she could even get a word out a loud explosion erupted from the city and the pilot hastily attempted to keep the helicopter in the air. Sara looked out towards the city ad could see what had caused the explosion. Gargantuan creatures, each nearly the same size as the building which they were surrounded were attacking the Los Angeles. Even worse when they could not find a building to destroy they began to attack one another, ignorant of the lives they were destroying in the process. She could already see other news copters in the sky around the activity which immediately reminded her of her job and once again informed the cameraman to start shooting. But just she was about began speaking to the audience, whoever they may be, a stray shot from one of beasts collided with the tail end of helicopter and the pilot immediately screamed at the top of his lungs for everyone to brace themselves.

As the news copter began to crash, Sara could only look upon the city and the destruction unfurling as well as the monsters creating it unknowing of the tales which brought these behemoths before hers eyes.

Olragon awoke in a daze. He had no clue of where he was or how he was brought here all he could remember was a bright light which, though to his best efforts to resist, pulled him into it and now he was lying on the ground, confused and disoriented. He lazily looked around and already he could see humans gathering around him. That was at least some good news to know, he was still on Earth and perhaps not thrown across the galaxy. It was still irritating for him to not know his precise location and with a quite grumble of annoyance he slowly began to rise from the heap he had landed in to get a better view of his surroundings. It was a city, one he had only limited knowledge of but the skyscrapers which towered over even his mighty frame were familiar to him none the less, but that wasn’t what troubled him. Everything felt….out of place, the air, the smell, the humans, even the way the ground felt beneath his feet they were similar yes but it wasn’t what he was accustomed to. It was as if the world itself had changed without anything becoming different at all, if that made any sense. But suddenly a new smell started to blow within the wind which caught his full attention.

It was distinctive, similar to that of wet fur but far larger in scale, perhaps it was Saberoth, his old ally and fellow guardian. He slowly began to follow it in the hope that it might give him some answers to his predicament. Finally he came upon it. It looked similar to Saberoth, but longer with spikes running down its back and tail and with a strange fur pattern which he had never seen before. The giant cat was asleep and looked as though it had crashed here the same just as he. It explained the other smell to it as well which also did not smell of this world. But as he began to inspect the creature further it began to rouse from its sleep and without warning clawed at him, scratching the front portion of his nose. Olragon quickly jumped back in surprise as the humungous feline began to hiss and growl with a temperament like no other. Olragon roared back at the creature as he began to snort and shack his head at the irritating feeling which had befell him. But the creature was having none of it and quickly clawed at him once more in a possibly attempt prove to him that it was not a beast to be taken lightly. Olragon however had had enough for one day and immediately attempted to swipe the humongous feline away with his tail. But to his surprise the cat was able to dodge the attack with relative ease and quickly pounced upon him with enough force to send him careening into the building behind them.

Slightly shaken but far from deterred Olragon roared at the beast with rage and as the cat followed suit with an enraged roar of it own, Olragon immediately fired a blast of energy at the creature which it narrowly avoided. It was fast, by far one of the fastest things Olragon had ever seen on land close to his size, but their was a consequence to the feline’s swiftness which Olragon saw as its major flaw and immediately a rudimentary plan was forming in his head. The cat growled and hissed once more at Olragon who this time stood firm awaiting the creature’s next attack. He did not have to wait long however as the cat quickly attempted to pounce once more onto him yet this time Olragon quickly ducked to avoid the attack and sent the cat crashing into the building behind him. With this quick opportunity Olragon unleashed another blast of energy from his mouth, hitting its target dead on. The cat was fast indeed, but it had a major problem, it had difficulty traversing through the city ways and could not find clear footing on the shambling buildings which could barely support its weight. Olragon knew the advantage was his as long as this fight stayed within the city. But he also realized this was not going to be an easy opponent to bring down as the cat was slowly rising from the rubble of the building, injured yet infuriated and more than willing to continue the fight. As the cat began crackle and spark with ever building electricity, Olragon stood his ground and once again prepared himself for its next attack.

It had been a rather dreary yet peaceful day for Mishipishew (aka Mizzy). It was going by rather slowly though with no spontaneous or exciting activities going on. Garm was “out of town” doing one of his deeds for the humans whom had created him and even Weewilmeqk (despite his searing loathing of the disgusting lamprey) was content to stay out of his way today, no doubt plotting to disturb him some other time. Mizzy was rather active today though and could not seem to settle on something to do. Finally it became all to much for him and he eventually found himself a place along the shore of his beloved home of Lake Superior to quietly sit down and drift away into sleep and perhaps the promise of finding something more exhilarating to do later. But as Mizzy was finally able to plot himself into a comfortable position to fall asleep, a strange light filled the area around him and before he could rouse himself to deal with the sudden threat, it pulled him into parts unknown.

Mizzy dizzily awoke from his slumber. He must have just imagined the light as apparently the light had done nothing to him and perhaps was just a glare on the lake bed. But just as Mizzy was about to lull back to sleep a quick change of the wind alerted him to a possible threat. Instinctively he clawed at the creature in front of him only vaguely catching a glimpse of it before fully awakening. At first he had merely thought it was Valdesaurus merely looking to challenge him, but upon closer inspection Mizzy knew that it was not him. It looked similar to Valdesaraus but with a larger body shape and a coloration closer to Iriz Ima. But its smell, its smell was more akin to Weewilmeqk, that horrible human talking lamprey, the only creature other than Maera that he outright despised. But none of this really mattered, what was more important right now was protecting his lake from………. it was then that Mizzy realized that Lake Superior was nowhere to be found and all around him were buildings and streets and the humans who had already begun to panic at the activity in front of them. But where could the lake have gone? It was just here when he had fallen asleep. Could the creature he gazed upon now of taken it away from him, it must have it was the only possible explanation. Mizzy’s fur bristled with rage and he angrily growled and hissed at the creature demanding to know where he had taken his home. The creature in turn only roared back at Mizzy with irritation that had befallen its snout. But Mizzy was not having it; his home had been taken from him and angrily growled once more at the creature clawing at its feet as he did so. The creature quickly retaliated with swipe of its tail but keeping low to the ground Mizzy was keenly able to avoid it and without a moment of hesitation Mizzy pounced on the creature, sending straight into the building behind them.

The creature quickly rose to its feet and quickly fired a beam of energy at Mizzy who once again avoided the blow. The creature was relatively slow compared to Mizzy. His slender body had allowed much more maneuverability than most and he had enough intelligence to know not to stay in one place. Unfortunately he was beginning to tire from the strenuous activity and wished to end this fight quickly so that he could find his home. The creature however was making it difficult for him as it was just as resilient as he was fast. To this end Mizzy once again lunged at the creature in an attempt to attack its throat. But to his surprise, the creature avoided his charge sending Mizzy crashing into the building behind them followed by another blast of energy which hit Mizzy dead on.

Damaged from the subsequent volley, Mizzy was slow to get back to his feet. The attack was enough to tack the wind right out of him and it didn’t exactly help that he could not fully gain any ground in a place like this. Mizzy was not used to being in such cramped cities and truthfully never liked the feel of them. He needed more open spaces to fully maneuver and the creature was not giving him the chance to take the battle else where. If it couldn’t be helped then he would have to change tactics. As the creature readied itself for possibly another charge from Mizzy, he instead unleashed a powerful shot of electricity at the creature which sent it reeling in pain. But there was something distinct about the creature which Mizzy took notice too as the creature began ebb in pain from the shot. The jewel embedded in the creature’s chest had begun to flicker as the electrical blast took effect. It was then that Mizzy knew that if he could possibly get to that jewel he could weaken if not kill the creature outright. The creature however had already begun to regain its composure and was readying itself for its counterattack. Mizzy however was not about to give it the opportunity and immediately pounced on the creature once more in the hopes to claw the jewel out of its chest.

But just as the two were about to shred each other to pieces, a new opponent came into view ready to take both of them on.

Leviathan’s lair was quit literally his greatest treasure. An archeologist’s dream, it held all sorts of artifacts that would garner anyone crazy enough to face its owner fame beyond recognition. But none of that mattered to Leviathan. His home, like anyone’s, came with memories of his past and though in recent years he had been stirred by forces both outside and within to leave its sanctity, he always found time to journey home and revisit old memories as he quietly walked through it. The old city of Leviothania was prominently always on his mind. The very place where he stood, where he had been treated like a god until they betrayed him out of their own greed and selfishness and was forced to destroy them as a result. Still, he cared deeply for it people and thoughts of them still lingered. But as Leviathan was deep within the confines of his own mind a bright slowly started to form within the cave. At first it pegged his curiosity, but as he felt the light begin to drag him closer towards it his curiosity immediately turned to aggression. Struggling to escape its pull Leviathan began to shoot a stream of fire straight into the light which was only absorbed harmlessly into it. With no other way to combat a force such as this, Leviathan could only roar with contempt as he too began to be absorbed into the light.

When Leviathan awoke he could already hear the destruction of two beasts crashing about the buildings in front of him. He was confused by this sudden activity and was quickly becoming annoyed by their action. But that wasn’t the only reason he was so confused, there was far more activity happening all around him and he could also hear the sounds of panic, death, and destruction which was quickly becoming deafening in his disoriented state. Picking himself out of the dirt and rubble Leviathan looked upon the two beasts in front of him and roared to them to cease their nonsense. When both of them obstinately ignored him, preoccupied with their own quarrelling, Leviathan instead decided to drop any formalities and instead roared a challenge to the two which both creatures finally acknowledged. Filling his lunges with his freezing breath, the LEVIATHAN was about to unleash his power onto a world which he had yet to realize was not his own.

Both Surudago and the strange saurian-like creature he was combating with collided with another building. It had only been a minute since the two had crashed into one another yet and begun fighting but to them it seemed like an hour and were already showing signs of fatigue. Still Surudago was persistent in his attempt to fell his adversary and once again collided with him. This reason for his persistence was one which had driven him since his birth, humans. They meant a lot to him as some had protected during his youth and had subsequently grown attached to the species in general as a result. He had shown no remorse to any creature which dared harmed them and he would see the beast in front either run out of town or dead.

The beast however was strong and rather resistant to his attempts however and though he had managed to land a few good hits upon it, it would stand its ground and deliver its own powerful blows back at Suru with similar aggression. The battle was taking a turn for the worse for Surudago as would always find himself watching his feet so that he did not step on any of his beloved human’s. Luckily the beast at least gave him some leeway when he was forced to do so but still stubbornly refused to take the battle out the city completely. The beast instead stood firm and Suru was barely making in head way of chasing him out. Surudago still tried though, but just as he was about to continue his ongoing confrontation, the beast before him attempted something new.

Monsturra had faced many foes within his career but the creature in front of him was nothing like the others he had battled and prevailed against. It was strange in appearance, not as strange as Omegaken or Vulgar but it was still quit extraordinary in his eyes. It was ferocious in its attack against him, yet was cautious enough to avoid the humans which scuttled about beneath them, something Monsturra was slightly impressed with. Unfortunately his opponent did not give him the same sentiments, as quickly as he would narrowly avoid stepping on another human he would claw and snap at him with as much anger and contempt as he could muster. Monsturra stood his ground though and with each blow the creature landed he returned tenfold. He wished to end the battle quickly but the creature was quit resilient to his blows and grappling with it was difficult so long as its metal pincers nearly crushed his arms with each attempt. Monsturra was not without his tricks however and instead changed to his mid range arsenal with a hailstorm of fireballs which sent the beast tumbling in pain.

The creature was left smoldering from the attack, but it appeared to only enrage it further and immediately unleashed a powerful attack of its own in the form of a pressurized blast of water from its mouth. The battle quickly escalated to full on elemental assault of fire verses water with neither side gaining an advantage. It soon became apparent to both that this battle was going to be a grueling one and Monsturra prepared himself to once face the creature toe to toe with his claws, both were unaware that a new arrival would become a wild card in this elemental duel.

The city was wrought with turmoil as the massive creatures thundered through its streets obstinate to crush one another. Anthony, a repair worker at his local car shop, hurried home to see to his family, narrowly avoiding two of the beasts as he entered his home. Once inside he could see his family cowering under the dinner table with his wife Mary holding their two children as tightly as she could in the hope that the danger would pass. Anthony however knew different and quickly went to them and despite his wife’s protests, hurried them out the door to escape the city which was to the mercy of the monsters. The streets however had been destroyed by the creatures causing the idea of leaving by his car forfeit. Instead Anthony and his family were forced to run their way out of the turmoil. While the battles raged on across the city Anthony was determined to see his family get to safety. Unfortunately two of the battling giants blocked their way and as they scuffled, the building on both sides of them began to crack and ebb as each creature crashed into them. Anthony tried his best to shield his family from the incoming rubble, holding his daughter as tight as he could, making sure none of it dare touch her. But as they were about make it towards the next block a massive chunk of the building came hurtling towards there direction. It was far too big to avoid and Anthony and his family could not see any safe place to go in time to get clear. All they could do was shield one another and pray something would save them. But just as the debris was about to crush them, a humungous spiked tail literally came from nowhere and demolished the ruble before it could even touch them. Anthony slowly looked up and saw a gigantic creature tower over them. Lizard-like in appearance it was bright yellow running with spikes running down its head and teeth that were nearly the size of a fire hydrant. Despite its menacing appearance however, Anthony and his family felt a calming demeanor about the monster which for a brief moment allowed them to feel safe. The creature in turn looked down at them smelling them to check to see if they were safe. Once he knew that they were he gave them an expression which Anthony could only interpret as a smile before walking off to see to the creatures which had nearly harmed them. Anthony quickly rallied his family to continue out of the city as he took one last look at the creature which had just saved him and knew it was something he would never forget.

Geckoro gazed upon the horizon and could only see the destruction which the rest of the monsters were causing to the city. Looking below him he witnessed even more people other than the ones he had just saved running from the peril which had befallen them. It was intolerable to him, these humans had done nothing to provoke such destruction and Geckoro was adamant to see these beasts pay. Most were nearly twice his size but this meant nothing to him, he had beaten foes much bigger than them and would fight to his last breathe to save the lives of the humans who had treated him with such kindness on his own world. As the battles raged on between the other combatants, the THUNDER LIZARD GECKORO stepped up to enter the fray.

As the other battles raged on within LA, crushing and demolishing its city ways and buildings, the DEATH COIL patiently observed on the outskirts.

Shimaku was confused. The planet was somehow different, he could feel the subtleties within the air as he flicked his tongue in and out of his mouth and could barely feel any connection with Gaia, the great spirit of the planet who though present on this world, would not accept him as it had apparently constructed vastly different protectors than him and his brethren to watch over her. He also attempted to communicate with his K-Cell Shinji, but there was no answer. Yet there was still one thing that was unmistakably the same on this world as on his own; death. He could sense it, mainly within the city which was reaching greater and greater scales of it the longer the creatures within raged in their conquests to destroy one another, and it was thoroughly displeasing.

The monsters within the city were very much on Shimaku’s mind. Each was remarkably powerful in their own right and could very easily devastate the planet if they were to survive their skirmishes. And despite it not being his Earth every instinct in his head told him to end these threats regardless, so that death could reinstate itself in its natural order. But knowing where to start was a serious problem. Most had already engaged another in combat and entering a battle such as these without fully knowing your prey was full hearty if not out right stupid. Shimaku slowly moved closer towards the city to observe each and every battle to get a better understanding of each adversary.

Three had the ability to manipulate electricity on varying degrees of abilities while four others steered more toward thermal based attacks and could wield them with immense skill. Another claimed some efficiency with water and could shoot streams of it with pressurized force. One apparently had a combination of each of the others and could very well be a challenge unto itself. All were equally a direct and immediate threat by themselves and were as proficient with their claws and teeth as they were with their more unnatural abilities. But there was more to this, two others were quickly heading closer towards this direction from the sky; they were faint but would be in the area soon. They too would very well need to be dealt with. But that was not his only problem. There was also something else out in the opposite direction towards the sea. It was not like the others and felt distinctly of this reality. Its presence felt staggering compared to the others and worse the power it wielded was possibly a greater threat than them combined. But as Shimaku flicked his tongue once more to get a better understanding of it, he was quickly alerted of a danger from behind and narrowly avoided the attack directed at him. He turned to face this new arrival slightly shocked that he was unable to sense it sooner. He was massive, bigger than the others within the city and had a power that dissolved the various structures around him in the form of a corrosive gas, something Shimaku took immediate note of to avoid. The beast roared its challenge to Shimaku as he quietly glared upon it. The others would have to wait, as his first opponent had apparently found him.

While other monsters had mysteriously appeared within the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Durontus had appeared far away from the action. However the hustle of activity had awoken him from his slumber and aroused his curiosity enough to investigate. Walking towards the destruction he could clearly see the monsters causing it and was adamant to challenge them. However a giant serpent blocked his path.

It was much bigger than any snake he had seen before; its dark blue body with bristling spikes and plates which gave off an extraordinary shine was quit distinctive especially compared to his own bleached and chemically burned hide. Yet despite its rather unique appearance, there was something off putting about the serpent. Every portion of it essence leaked the same feeling of death itself, something which unnerved and quit frankly unsettled Durontus. The serpent could very well be a great danger to Durontus if it were to ever attempt to attack him and could possibly even kill him given the opportunity. The snake had not yet noticed him and he had the advantage to take the serpent out before it even knew what hit it. With a great inhalation of air Durontus let forth a powerful blast of his corrosive gas hoping to end it quickly but the serpent noticed the incoming attack and speedily slithered out of the way. Agitated that he missed his target, Durontus roared at the snake with a ferocity he had never known. The snake however only flicked his tongue at the towering giant before him and waited patiently for Durontus next attack. It did not have to wait long however as Durontus let forth another blast of his corrosive spray yet this time the snake merely casually slithered away from it as though the attack was to slow to be taken seriously. Angered by this, Durontus instead attempted a different approach and instead of unleashing another corrosive blast instead whipped his tail at the snake, hitting it with enough force that it sent the snake reeling in pain. This was enough to garner the serpent’s full wrath and it immediately gave a loud hiss, letting Durontus know full well that it was ready to fight him.

Immediately the two began to square off. Durontus knew full well the serpent was much faster than he was and was hesitant to make the first move. But an opportunity finally emerged as a powerful boom from the other combatant’s momentarily distracted the serpent and immediately Durontus lunged at the snake with his jaws. The snake however still proved to be the quicker of the two and narrowly avoided the strike while nearly landed one of his own. The snake quickly sprung at Durontus and wrapped its body around him forcing him to lose his footing and sending them straight towards the area where the other monsters were fighting. The snake’s coils and spikes poked and punctured Durontus with each clumsy movement and was slowly allowing the snake more leverage onto his body. When Durontus attempted to get the snake off of him it would strike at his arms and neck with its fangs forcing its venom into his system. At first it made him woozy but his incredibly strong immune system was already fighting off the effects and the venom was losing its power with each strike. However the snake would not relinquish its grip on his body and still claimed the upper hand (so to speak).

The adversaries loudly thundered through the city, the snake hissing with an inane look upon its face extended its tail spear in the hopes of finishing its opponent with a single blow. While Durontus bellowed and roared with torment and rage as he once again readied himself to spray the snake in the face with its corrosive mist.

It seemed as though every creature which had emerged into this world had trouble settling in, full of streets and building which were new and confusing to their eyes, bumbling through them as though they were walking on stilts and crashing into one another with little provocation or motivation, everyone except Tyrantis.

Tyrantis knew the streets of LA quite well, it was the first place his old rival “the Terror” first attacked and a place he himself had subsequently visited numerous times after words. Though knowing full well that this indeed was not his world as he could no longer pick up the subtle scent of Typhon Island with his keen sense of smell, the cities infrastructure was undoubtedly similar and he was able to maneuver threw each and every city block with ease, only stepping on at least one or two humans, something he couldn’t help. The explosions and bustle of the other monsters however was something he could. The battles were nearly intoxicating to Tyrantis and as more and more began to surface around the city they almost called to him to join in. Unfortunately the fighting was not his biggest concern, the knowledge of this not being his world was. His family was more important than some random fight (despite his baser instincts screaming otherwise) and quietly he began to walk off to discover their whereabouts. But as he began to turn away from the excitement the ground suddenly began to quake and shift from up under him as a creature burst forth throwing Tyrantis from his feet.

Tyrantis righted himself to look to see what had done this to him. The creature he gazed upon was massive, armor plated from head to tow with spikes of various sizes running down his back and an imposing disposition about it. The creature almost immediately charged him, throwing him back off his feet and crashing through the houses behind him. Tyrantis was rattled and slightly bruised from the experience but quickly rose to his feet to confront this challenger who had crossed his path. He could ignore the others who, but a direct attack to his well being however was something he could not. Meeting his challenger head on, Tyrantis grabbed his opponent by the arm with his powerful jaws and nearly threw him clear across the city with his monstrous strength. His opponent quickly arose from his newly constructed crater without so much as a scratch and simply snorted at Tyrantis with mild irritation. Tyrantis realized that such a foe who could brush off an attack such as his own was one not to be taken lightly. Still, he relished in the invigoration of his opponents challenge and without a second thought cross his saurian brain, charged at him full force ready to continue the fight to the end.

While every other monster had been sent to this strange yet parallel world on the surface, Irokus entered beneath it.

The soil had muffled the effects of Irokus being bereft from his world in a flash and had not yet even noticed that he wasn’t on his own Earth. But slowly he was starting to stir. There was activity above him, the ground vibrated in a chaotic tandem and he was curious to see what it was. He immediately began to dig upwards to see what all the commotion was about and when he was finally close to the surface, Irokus emerged from the soil with impressive force. Unfortunately he did not plan on uprooting a certain saurian like beast from its footing whose mere presence sent Irokus into defensive state of mind and immediately charged the saurian sending him tumbling onto the ground once again. But that was merely a warning blow to the saurian that Irokus was not a beast to be tangled with and even though the saurian was nearly broken by the attack, it did not take the hint. Just as quickly as Irokus had attacked the saurian, the saurian charged at him jaws open, ready to maul Irokus. But while Irokus began to brass himself for the blow he instead found one of his arms in the saurian’s jaws and without so much as a struggle, was tossed clean into the air. Irokus was indeed hurt by the experience as his arm felt as though it torn from its socket, but he would not show his pain in front of such a foe. With nothing more than snort he expressed his rage at the saurian and readied himself for a counterattack. The saurian met his challenge though and charged at Irokus like freight train. But just as he it made nearly half way towards him, Irokus blasted him away with his Lightning Beam which had not only halted the saurian’s attack, but had also blown a gaping hole in its chest.

Irokus initially assumed the fight was over, yet the saurian still stood and when Irokus began to turn away the saurian roared at him with enough rage to signify that he was not yet done with him. Irokus once again met his half dead opponent’s challenge, but to his astonishment, the saurian was beginning to heal from his attack. Irokus charged once more in order to end the saurian but was only met with swipe in the face its powerful tail. Irokus however gave one of his own which proved to be the more powerful of the blows as it sent the saurian clean off the ground and into a neighboring building. The saurian however merely rose once more to his feet, enraged and fully healed ready to continue the battle. Irokus prepared himself as he would not see himself lose to such a resilient foe. The saurian however merely climbed onto one of the building adjacent to Irokus and once again bellowed another roared at him. At first Irokus was not impressed with its display of perceived dominance, but just as he was about to crush the building under the saurian, it unleashed a devastating inferno on him which was enough to stagger him. Irokus was burned from the attack, but was far from finished as he once again let loose a thunderous roar and entered the flames head to finish his foe once and for all.

Rygama was a beast who had experienced much in her relatively short life. She had battled opponents far and wide from bottom of the ocean to beyond the stars, even creatures from different dimensions. She had fought them all and came out on top either making a powerful ally out of them or a dangerous adversary if they ever survived her onslaught. Dimension hoping was also something she had experienced before and knew enough about it to know that the events that had transpired to this point was one of those times. But this slightly different from the others her past exploits. For one, she was falling to the Earth and if she stayed on her current course would surely be injured if she allowed it to continue. Another was that the light that had took her was more “out of know where” than she was accustomed to and it was annoying to be in this position again. Being on a world not her own and having to fight to find a way back to hers. Still, the challenge was more than welcomed and she was curious to see how this world deferred from hers.

Rygama righted herself in mid air and unsheathed her wings from her carapace and immediately took flight to discover this new land. Flying over the towns and cities she could clearly recognize each one and it soon became apparent that this world might simply be a parallel of her own. But as she quietly flew across the horizon, with the sound of her buzzing wings as any form of noise, she saw something which immediately put her on high alert.

It was a light, similar to the one which had taken her from her world and it was moving at impressive speed. Rygama immediately sped up to investigate it and when she was finally able to catch up with it discovered its source. It was creature and a strange one at that with a pure white shell covering its body and what could only she could assume were wings jetting out of her back as it flew through the sky. But the energy it wielded felt similar to that which had taken her from her home and with an enraged roar; Rygama charged the creature from behind. Clawing at the beasts wings Rygama thought to tear the creature from the sky. But to her surprise each blow from her powerful claws merely traveled through the creature’s wings and before she could attempt an assault on the beast’s main body, was blasted away by a powerful force from the beasts back. Rygama immediately regained her composure and fully looked upon the beast which had by now halted stopped in mid air to face her. The two almost immediately began to square off, bolster and roar at one another in the hopes of intimidating the other. But after a point it became all too clear the neither was going to simply back off from a simply display of aggression and Rygama was not about to let the creature who had taken her from her home get off so easily. With one last roar she sped at the creature full force, ready to eviscerate it for the crime it had committed.

Angelus opened her eyes to the cold depths of space. Something she was accustomed to but this time she opened them to something very startling to her. A place where she couldn’t feel where she was, worse still she could not feel any connection to the Universe. No matter what she did or hard she attempted to do it the Universe would not respond to her calls. That was impossible, the Universe was and is everything, how could she not feel its presence. The only way that could be possible was if this was not her Universe. How or why this travesty could have inferred would have to wait unfortunately as just as she summoned her Cosmic Staff which had been slowly drifting away from her, she realized that she recognized the planet below her. It was Earth, though fully realizing that it was not the Earth which she had visited before, it was still a planet which she was somewhat familiar with and perhaps could find answers to why she had been pulled into an alternate universe. But before she did so she calmly looked for the Oddyseum. Unsurprisingly they were no where to be found. Still she lifted her staff above her and shined her usual beckon to notify them that if they were even in this Universe of her presence before placing it away to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Earth was unchanged in her eyes; it still harbored human beings as its dominant race and was bustling with their activity. Though she was not on good terms with the human species in her own reality, she was resolved to try to make these view her in a better light. But just as she passed through another patch of landscape of towns and deserts a unique roar alerted her of a presence behind her. It immediately sped towards her and before she could fully turn to see what it was, it was already on top of her, clawing and biting at her wings. Luckily her wings where not of a fully solid construct and the mysterious being had only slowed her momentum within the air. Charging her wings only slightly Angelus was able to repel the being which had just attacked her unprovoked. Angelus immediately turned to face her attacker and found that it was mysterious reptilian like beast. It was smaller than she was but had enough strength to disrupt her wings, something that only the strongest of beings were capable of. Angelus roared at the being, enraged by its unprovoked attack. The being however merely met her roar with one of its own and it was apparent to Angelus that the being was not about to back off. In fact it instead charged her full force, grabbing both her arms and forcing her backwards through the sky. The being was indeed powerful as she could feel her armor cracking under the pressure of its vice like grip. Fortunately Angelus was able to mentally summon her staff from her side and with a flash temporarily blinded the being, loosening its grip on her. But as she grabbed onto her staff, the being immediately charged her once again with Angelus only desperately able to keep its deadly talons away from her. The immediately found themselves falling like meteors within the sky as both were too stubborn to let go of the other so that they could regain their mobility. Angelus however took notice of one thing during the fall. They were falling straight towards a city, one which was already having its fair share of quarreling giants. However a quick claw swipe from the being immediately reminded her of the danger at hand and Angelus was desperate to free herself before the two crashed into the dirt. The being however would not loosen its grip on her and even after being blasted by cosmic energy it still stubbornly refused to let go. The two crashed into one of the skyscrapers as the ground quickly began to come closer and closer into view.

Los Angeles was nearly wrought with activity. Explosion after explosion erupted in every part of it. Building were being demolished, houses obliterated, lives endangered and crushed underneath tyrannical might all the while the creatures which had spontaneously appeared within it roared with both madness and aggression adamant to see one another destroyed for one reason or another. It for this however that He came ashore.

He had seen many things within his life and had been apart of events which rocked the world. Invasions from space, prehistoric creatures returning from the bowls of the Earth, even beings from the future who looked to destroy him and claim dominion over the planet before they were even born. He had seen it all; he had seen it and blown them into oblivion with his might. But there was something horribly troubling about these new invaders. He could feel each and everyone one of them as they fought. Each had power which either rivaled matched or possibly exceeded his own. Every instinct in his mind told him this was something to take notice of. He was the reigning king of this world, the sole protector of this entire planet and what right did these beasts have to make claim of his domain. With an ear splitting roar he announced his presence within the city and to let each and every one of these monsters know that soon they would fall to his might. For he was GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS and low be the creatures who did not know his name.

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